In Slim Tea Co. presents four tea products in total: IN SLIM Detox Tea, IN SLIM Throat & Nose Tea, IN SLIM Skin Detox Tea and IN SLIM Fat Burning Tea. For all our teas, it comes with two options: a smaller Sample Pack with 10 days supply and an Active Pack with 20 days supply.


The thought behind this is that In Slim Tea Co. understands that certain taste may not just be everyone’s cup of tea! We specially designed this 10 days Sample Pack to give you the opportunity to try it beforehand. But please be aware that the 10 days Sample Pack is mainly for TASTE testing ONLY.


As magic solution doesn’t exist!, you may not notice any results after using the Sample Pack due to its short course. As for the 20 day pack, we consider it as one course. For herbal blends including IN SLIM Detox Tea, IN SLIM Throat & Nose Tea and IN SLIM Skin Detox Tea, we recommend you to have a break after finishing one course and start a new course at the beginning of the next month.


We also recommend using AT LEAST TWO COURSES to start your weight loss journey. The IN SLIM Fat Burning Tea, however, should be consumed everyday without any breaks for its best results.